Thursday, September 15, 2011

getting ready for our little girl

One of my absolute favorite hobbies is decorating. Perhaps if social work had not called my name I would have pursued interior decorating. So when we moved into our condo the guest room desperately needed a fresh coat of paint but I decided to wait because I knew eventually we would want to have kids and I would want to paint again. As soon as we found out that we were having a girl the wheels started turning and I started searching the web for inspiration. I wanted the room to be modern and feminine without being too baby and overly girly...a room that would grow with her.

I saw a beautiful nursery picture on pinterest and completely fell in love with the wall color so I tracked down the source and found that it belonged to a really cute blog called Cape27. I discovered that it was a Benjamin Moore paint color so I headed to the store to pick up a sample of the Stonington Gray (HC-170) paint and found it to be perfect.

I know it looks a little plain but once I figure out wall accents I think it will look amazing. Since living in the city means surviving in small spaces the plan is to leave the guest bed in the babies room. Of course the guest bed needed to coordinate with the rest of the room so I found this really pretty green duvet on Overstock. Also once my littlest nephew and my sister outgrow their crib, our little girl will also have a place to lay her head...hint hint! Don't you just love that cute little rocking horse? Mr. Jordan "aka Matty Buck" used it when he was little.

I also wanted our little girl to have a creative place in her room where she could one day draw or color. I decided to paint the entrance wall with black chalkboard paint. I want to get a little stool that she can sit at and do her art but we've still got plenty of time for that!

The first item I bought for the room was the framed tree above. There are little circle cutouts that you can put family photos in. Since all of our family is out of town I thought that would be a great way for our little girl to still see their faces everyday. 

I found the perfect fabric by Monaluna but unfortunately when I went to the website they were completely sold out so I decided to call Monaluna. Thankfully the designer happened to answer the phone and told me that although they were out of stock she would sell me what I needed from her personal stash. Yay!! So my plan is to try to make a crib skirt using the fabric and also frame some of the cute birds to hang on the wall. I found DIY design instructions on the honey and fitz blog. How hard could it be?   

Now the fun stuff! So we have known that we are having a girl for less than a month and somehow she already has a closet full of clothes, toys and bouncers.

and don't forget booties!!

Did I mention this is the only outfit I have bought for her? Actually, about 2 weeks before we found out we were having a girl I had such a strong feeling that it was a girl I ordered this outfit. Glad I was right! I didn't buy the booties but thought they looked cute with her coming home from the hospital outfit.  

And just a few more unfinished nursery pictures...

every nursery needs a monkey!

and every girl needs a Michigan cheer leading outfit!!
Can't wait to see our little girl!

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