Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Have you ever had a BIG secret?

Have you ever had a BIG secret? The kind that would change the rest of your life forever. Well my blogging absence has been the result of my BIG secret.

You see I am a terrible secret keeper!! I absolutely love buying people gifts and surprising them but I have this uncontrollable urge to tell the person what it is...drives Mr. Jordan crazy! I just get so excited for the other person I can't help myself. But I think I am well on my way to recovery I was able to keep this BIG secret for 6 whole weeks...definitely a record for me:-)

So here it is...

A few years ago I was told that I have elevated levels of the hormone prolactin. At the time doctors were concerned that I may have a non-cancerous tumor growing in my pituitary gland. After it was confirmed that I did not have such a growth the endocrinologist wanted to put me on medication because she thought that I may not be able to get pregnant when the time came. I started on the medication and then stopped. I could not find any medical proof that someone in my situation would definitely have difficulty getting pregnant plus I really wasn't thinking about babies at that time. A year later due to moving and changing doctors my new doctor was also concerned about these levels and wanted me to see a second endocrinologist. This endocrinologist said that she wasn't concerned and that when I wanted to have kids if I had difficulty I could be put on medication. I'm a big fan of not treating something when you don't know if it's broke. She also said that there have been some studies where athletes, especially runners, were shown to have increased prolactin for an unknown reason. So here it was another year later and I had to change doctors again (darn insurance companies!) This time I did want to talk babies but as soon as I mentioned the elevated prolactin she wanted me to see a third endocrinologist because she was unsure if I could get pregnant with these levels. So I went to the third endocrinologist and he said the medication is promising but may take a few months to work so I should start right away.

Now that's the medical side. Here's what I kept thinking. I've never tried to get pregnant so how do these doctors know I can't. I'm pretty stubborn and a firm believer that if you pray and work hard in life things will happen the way they are suppose to...even though it may not always be exactly what you had in mind. That being said I told the 3rd endocrinologist that I wanted to try for a  month without the medication. He concluded by saying that I should come in when I'm ready to take the meds, clearly thinking it was impossible. Although Mr. Jordan and I had plans to wait a little longer before trying to bring a baby into this world we decided we would try without meds to see what happens.

Well let's just say God must have a very special plan for this natural babe and boy were those doctors wrong. We are due February 6, 2011 (also my mom's birthday).

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  1. another great story jac keep writing. now about those baby names....