Friday, March 25, 2011

A fruitful harvest

This morning when I stepped outside I was tempted to turn around, put my pajamas back on and crawl under the covers until a real spring settled on Chicago. With better judgment and a paycheck in mind I ventured out onto the snow dusted deck, down the four million icy steps and headed to work. While stopping for a morning latte, I thought "there has to be a glimpse of spring somewhere." When I came home at lunch time I saw it...that glimpse of spring was staring me in the face. You see, every since we moved into our condo Mr. Jordan has discovered that he has quite a green thumb. Last summer our deck was covered with an over grown tomato plant, different kinds of peppers, and a rosemary plant. This year Mr. Jordan is expanding. He planted lots of tomato, basil, bell pepper and jalapeƱo pepper seeds. In just a short time these little seedlings have sprouted. Mr. Jordan moves the little seedlings to the back door for sun during the day and they greeted me when I walked in. I can't wait to see all the plants covering our back deck and Mr. Jordan protecting his plants from the city dwelling pigeons and was quite a battle last year until we discovered a little plastic dinosaur and the reflection from a CD was all it took to scare away the critters.

So here's to a fruitful harvest and hopefully no more snow!

Here's a good resource for anyone looking to plant an urban garden:


  1. WOW! A plastic dino was all it took? We could have a whole army protecting our garden...I was thinking of just getting a berry bush- I'll postpone my visit 'down south' till harvest time.

  2. With the expansion of the garden we might need to borrow your! You shouldn't wait that long before venturing south:)

  3. Well, I think my daughter is very talented. What an enjoyable blog. Keep it up I look forward to reading you my sweet.