Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My journey to the city I love...

My first visit to Chicago was exactly six years ago. I instantly fell in love with this city and when I finished graduate school a few months later Chicago was where I wanted to be. Prior to graduation I began applying for jobs in Chicago. I got a few great job leads but none that went anywhere. Feeling that Chicago was where I was meant to be I sold my car, found an apartment, loaded up a moving truck and was headed to Chicago.

I will never forget the morning of the move. I checked my email one last time before heading to Chicago and to my amazement I was offered a job interview. I honestly could not even recall applying for the job but when I looked at the job description it was a job that fit my "ideal job" to a tee. After moving to Chicago I went to the interview, got a second interview and was hired within a month of moving to Chicago. Throughout this experience I felt God's guiding hand asking me to simply trust in him. I did just that and have not looked back since.

I added a new tab to the blog called, "Chicago Favorites." I thought I would keep a running tab of some of my favorite places to go in the city (i.e. restaurants, shopping etc.). What's your favorite thing to do in Chicago?


  1. Some favorite things: That old movie theater up on N. Sheridan in Rogers Park (haven't been in 2 years though), Village Discount thrifting, Smoque BBQ, Salaam Restaurant @ Wilson/Kedzie, The Royal Thai at Montrose/N. Lincoln, Jefferson Park's new playground, Lincoln Park Zoo on a warm spring day with the family...I guess that's it for now.

  2. God always provides. I'm currently on a job hunt myself. I'm hoping something pops up soon...